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Meant to be - Decoration

Meant to be - Decoration
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Meant to be! Right figure. Right moment to come on my way. I bought it. For a bargain.

As two day earlier I felt inspiration. Inspiration to make a decoration. With wood in several layers. 2 or 3 colors. Figures, more specific birds, fishes or waves. Tending to the heights and depths in life. About falling down, raising up. Getting stronger, feeling more free. About love , and lots of fine vibes in life.

The idea behind my inspiration? About humanity, energies, connecting. about peaks and downs. As I dont believe in the figure of consistency. How stable we seem to be, or look like does not say all about how we feel and manage our feelings!
Sounds as "deep" stuff. It is about heights too!

So last night I was in pre preparation mood. Meditation, feel the idea, its flow. Set up some primairy drawings. Today it was nice weather. I felt the need for a long walk. While joying the weather, meeting some people (Short conversation) I was in the mood. So as the Second Han Shop was on the way I decided to go in

There it was
In the Second Hand Shop lots of stuff I wondered about. Not one single issue I would buy. Just lots of fun watching. Just before I would go, I ended up in a corner. A dirty black hardboard. With this on it. Hardboard and decoration did not match. Just attached. A gentle woman gave the clue. .Some patience and you will get it disconnected. She really smiled once she discovered it released me from any concerns. Drop the hardboard. Release the object. At home all functioned well. My neighbor Kevin really liked this decoration too.. “fitting well in your home”. Both released the decoration by helping me to see it, feel it.

Releasing the hardboard was easy. Some glue and small nails. As the nice woman predicted a matter of patience. As Kevin Predicted the birds would come alive. They did not say nonsens. In fact , I felt that way. It is the spirit of the birds.

a good place
First I wanted to hang it on my light blue walls in te living. Wood and light blue are friends. Yes tried it and of course some alternatives. In the kitch it fits magic on the lila. Kevin said immediately this fits. Yes I feel it too. This is great. Realizing the Lila has a touch of brown in it. So the birds are flying now in the Kitchen.

What it means
What it means? Well it is close to my inspiration. I did not made it. It is hand made. I guess in production , not unique. Bit like the Steel birds and fishes of today, handcrafts for Indonesia via a scheme. These wooden birds are typical for the 1960-1980 era. Due to handcrafts it has a soul. An extra layer. It is more as that scheme. What it means? To me it feels about heights, a good vibe, oversee , simple brilliance , Loving, playing. Backed by clouds , refers to darker moods. So that contrast is the energy of being Human. It is like the waves. Go with the flow or fly as a bird. I love to do it.
Date: 2018-02-14 23:14:38

wood decoration handmade crafts vibe birds flying layers depth air brown

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be as free as a bird
kathringiertz 2018-02-14 23:26:38
[] you got it. A fine vibe.
MoltoAlto 2018-02-14 23:37:19
Some fancy woodwork here...........
ClaraDon 2018-02-19 03:14:06

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